Another legacy


Around 17 years ago I kept a daily journal. My memory told me I kept it for over twelve months writing every day and then let it diminish to zero.

Reality tells me that I kept for around 8 months on a daily basis, but that there are over 350 entries including a false start in 1999, another false start in 2000 but some consistency from late 2001 to near the end of 2002 and then sporadic entries for the next couple of years.

My intention at the time was to compile and present this journal to my children at a suitable time in the future. That should still happen but I don't know when that future will arrive.

Thankfully for everyone that journal was kept in electronic form and the contents easily exported to other formats (plain text, RTF) which can be read and reformatted into any other form.

The overall length of these journal entries is around 130,000 words - enough for a 2-300 page book.

The challenge is what to do with more recent journal entries. I recommenced journaling a few years ago but these were written with no expectation of being read by anyone else and were/are reflections on the Bible and something of a trace of my spiritual journey. These entries are hand written so the task of transcribing them is a little more time-consuming than the earlier entries.

At the moment I am transcribing these from handwritten form to a plain text format but there is a long way to go before they can see the light of day (if they even should).

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