When you buy a camera that can accept interchangeable lenses, you're not so much just buying a camera as buying a system. Why? With little exception a Nikon body will only accept lenses made for it,
One dessert I can distinctly recall from my childhood is bread and butter pudding. The best bits were the bread that had sat on top of the baking custard - they had the flavour of the custard but a
On a recent visit to Sydney I came across a newsagency that sold items that seemed to be of a higher quality or calibre than your standard, run-of-the-mill stationery items. I found a stand that
After a bit of testing, fiddling and pondering I've decided to opt for Hugo as my CMS. It's flat file, a single executable, multi-platform (which only needs to cover GNU-Linux and Windows in my
Over the years I've created and maintained a number of websites and/or blogs. The first was created in the free space offered by my then dial-up ISP. It was called "The Lounge Room" and comprised of
Welcome to egeiro.net. At the moment this is a greenfield website. The only real content exists in my head.