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When I was young my parent's house back onto bushland. This meant that the shortage of neighbours was more than offset by the availability of firewood. Often on a weekend we would have a barbeque for

you’ve got to be happy with that

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No further commentary needed

barefoot notes

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I've been running this site for a couple of months now and wanted to implement some form of footnoting. When I write, I tend to include a lot of text in parentheses (just like this) as they indicate

Bromeliad ex-collection

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In my last post I spoke about some hobbies (ie. interests) I have had over the decades. One such interest was bromeliads. I had a collection of around 30 different species of broms from around 6 to 8

Hobby Collection

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In my 50+ years I've had a range of interests. Some fleeting, some have remained for years, some have come and gone. It used to disturb me a little - why couldn't I be interested in something and

Working Out – Working In

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Philippians 2:12-13 Worked Out When was the last time you worked out? For some it may have been this morning, last week, maybe years ago, and maybe never. But the real answer depends on what I mean

Linux distros

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Over the years I've tried many different distributions (distros) of Linux, running a variety of Desktop Environments. I bought my first desktop computer back in 1995. It was extortionately expensive