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My father, known to his grandchildren as "Poppop", was known for his fairly quick and somewhat acerbic wit. He was also a pragmatist (wonder who inherited some of those characteristics!)

An example of his somewhat unusual humour was when he bought a mobile phone at around age 80 and then proceeded...

We were informed this evening that at approximately 3:30 this afternoon our first grandchild, Micah Theodore, arrived.

Well done Emma and Ben, and thank you Lord for the safe arrival.

Around 17 years ago I kept a daily journal. My memory told me I kept it for over twelve months writing every day and then let it diminish to zero.

Reality tells me that I kept for around 8 months on a daily basis, but that there are over 350 entries including a false start in 1999, another false s...

I have two resolutions:

  • 1920 x 1080 on my work notebook
  • 1366 x 768 on my primary home notebook

One of our vehicles was nearing the end of its useful, economic life and so we began the process of searching out a suitable replacement.

The vehicle to be replaced was a Mazda Tribute - a 3.0 litre gas-guzzling SUV that has transported us safely but expensively for the past seven years. It was bo...

Appropriate leading up to Christmas: