musings from the everyday, somedays

Yesterday I decided to have a couple of fried eggs on an English muffin for breakfast. I got the eggs out of the fridge around half-an-hour before I was going to cook them. They sat on the kitchen sink for that time and when I went back to them to cook them, here was the condensation pattern:


At the end of next month it appears that I will be retrenched from my current position. I say "it appears" because the date is not firmly fixed and there are plenty of things that I do (and those in the same roles in other parts of the state who are also being retrenched) that no one else knows how...

My father, known to his grandchildren as "Poppop", was known for his fairly quick and somewhat acerbic wit. He was also a pragmatist (wonder who inherited some of those characteristics!)

An example of his somewhat unusual humour was when he bought a mobile phone at around age 80 and then proceeded...

We were informed this evening that at approximately 3:30 this afternoon our first grandchild, Micah Theodore, arrived.

Well done Emma and Ben, and thank you Lord for the safe arrival.

Around 17 years ago I kept a daily journal. My memory told me I kept it for over twelve months writing every day and then let it diminish to zero.

Reality tells me that I kept for around 8 months on a daily basis, but that there are over 350 entries including a false start in 1999, another false s...

I have two resolutions:

  • 1920 x 1080 on my work notebook
  • 1366 x 768 on my primary home notebook