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Midnight Oil

My wife, eldest daughter and I had the privilege of attending the Midnight Oil concert in Coffs Harbour on 19th October. In total the Oils played 23 songs and, at the time, I thought a lot came from their albums of the middle period from the early to mid eighties. I thought I'd work it out and let everyone else know, too:

# Title Album Count
........... ....................................... ...................................... ..........
1 Outside World 10 to 1 1/5
2 Only the Strong 10 to 1 2/5
3 Stars of Warburton Blue Sky Mining 1/3
4 Dreamworld Diesel and Dust 1/8
5 Whoah Diesel and Dust 2/8
6 Lucky Country Place Without a Postcard 1/1
7 Section 5 (Bus to Bondi) Head Injuries 1/1
8 Sell My Soul Diesel and Dust 3/8
9 When the Generals Talk Red Sails in the Sunset 1/3
10 Short Memory 10 to 1 3/5
11 Treaty (Yothu Yindi cover) -
12 US Forces 10 to 1 4/5
13 Kosciusko Red Sails in the Sunset 2/3
14 No Time for Games Bird Noises 1/1
15 Put Down That Weapon Diesel and Dust 4/8
16 Warakurna Diesel and Dust 5/8
17 Beds Are Burning Diesel and Dust 6/8
18 Blue Sky Mine Blue Sky Mining 2/3
19 Forgotten Years Blue Sky Mining 3/3
20 The Dead Heart Diesel and Dust 7/8
21 Power and the Passion 10 to 1 5/5
22 Sometimes Diesel and Dust 8/8
Encore 2:
23 Best of Both Worlds Red Sails in the Sunset 3/3

I was surprised to discover just how many songs came from Diesel and Dust. The era from Place Without a Postcard to Blue Sky Mining are my favourites and twenty of the twenty three songs came from those albums. Two other songs were from earlier albums which I do quite like, and there was one cover which I also knew. I'm not as familiar with their later material (from Earth and Sun and Moon, Breathe, Redneck Wonderland and Capricornia) and there were no songs from that era!

Overall it was a great concert. They still had the raw energy and stage presence of decades ago and played hard and well for two hours.

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