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‘Tis the Season

Many churches around the world – and particularly those of a more liturgical bent or traditional history follow a church calendar. This calendar allocates various days and weeks throughout the year into seasons. Each season emphasises significant aspects or events wit...

Faith is as faith does – Hebrews 11


We haven't been here for the past couple of weeks but Mark tells me we've commenced a sermon series looking at prayer. A couple of week’s ago he spoke on Derek Prince's 7 conditions for answered prayer. And last week he spoke on perseverance.


The Sword of the Spirit and Praying in the Spirit – Ephesians 6:17-18

A Spiritual Armour recap

A couple of months ago we started a series of sermons on the Holy Spirit. We began with his titles, his ministry and receiving the Spirit. We moved onto the Spiritual Armour of God from Ephesians 6. Th...

My father, known to his grandchildren as "Poppop", was known for his fairly quick and somewhat acerbic wit. He was also a pragmatist (wonder who inherited some of those characteristics!)

An example of his somewhat unusual humour was when he bought a mobile phone at around age 80 and then proceeded...

This is the second post looking at some of the detail of studying God's Word edited by John B Job. The original post is here, and the first more detailed post is here.

This chapter is written by Jean Rutherford who, early in the chapter writes:

It is our minds, as well as spirit and will...

We were informed this evening that at approximately 3:30 this afternoon our first grandchild, Micah Theodore, arrived.

Well done Emma and Ben, and thank you Lord for the safe arrival.