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[The following is the text of a sermon preached in our church on Sunday 24th February 2019]


This Is Your Life

Who remembers the television show “This Is Your Life”?

My first recollection of it is being hosted by Mike Willesee in the 1970s.

My deep research into this on Wikipedia inf...

Late last year I saw a quick-and-easy paella being made on a TV show. Thinking it didn't look too hard, I tried using the same recipe and came out with a tasty bunch of chicken and chorizo with cooked vegetables and half-cooked rice.

My second attempt was to ditch that recipe and opt for something...

Late last year we became aware of a couple of books by New Zealand author, Richard Brunton. He has written two books, The Awesome Power of Blessing and Anointed for Work.

They're both more like booklets but pack a stack of helpful information and encouragement about, well, blessing and anointi...

I have two resolutions:

  • 1920 x 1080 on my work notebook
  • 1366 x 768 on my primary home notebook

One of our vehicles was nearing the end of its useful, economic life and so we began the process of searching out a suitable replacement.

The vehicle to be replaced was a Mazda Tribute - a 3.0 litre gas-guzzling SUV that has transported us safely but expensively for the past seven years. It was bo...

[The following is the text of a sermon preached in our church on Sunday 9th December 2018]

Destination and Journey: Abraham

Destination and Journey

A few weeks ago when I was first praying and journaling about what I would preach on today I was impressed with the idea of speaking on destinatio...