We like candles. We’re not infatuated by them, but they add a certain ambience and they seem to usher in a ‘slowing down of the world’ kind of thing. Over the years we’ve gone through a fair few paraffin candles – big pillars, smaller tapers, tea lights galore.

And so it is time to make some candles at home – but not from paraffin – from beeswax.

I don’t think we’ve ever used beeswax candles before, but I’ve got a mould, three different sizes of wick, and 5kg of beeswax winging it’s way here. Should arrive in the next day or two. We’ve also got a few shot glasses to make container candles in, and a couple of old glasses that hopefully will serve as moulds for smallish 6cm x 10cm pillar candles.

We’ve opted for 100% beeswax, and no colours or scents at this stage.

From the little I’ve read on the net it’s a simple process, but one that demands care and attention.

I’m looking forward to learning and trying and achieving something new – to create and then enjoy something that can be both useful and beautiful.

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