One of the (paraphrased) principles of permaculture is to ensure that each plant or element in a design is fulfilling multiple aims. In that regard Comfrey is regarded as the darling of the permaculture plant world. It reputedly contains more nitrogen than horse manure; has deep roots that break up clay soil and mine minerals; it’s edible in small doses; is a good edge or border plant because grasses like cooch and kikuyu can’t penetrate it; chickens eat it; it’s excellent for hacking down for mulch, to add to the compost or in a compost tea brew; and it helps broken bones to knit. With functionality like that, no wonder it’s so highly regarded. Given comfrey’s deep roots, it is apparently impossible to dig out because each root section will grow. To get rid of it, you slash it, place newspaper or cardboard on it and then mulch over that.

And the good news? We have some. Elizabeth from ALS sent me some root sections during the week and they are now in and planted. I’ve got two sections planted out the front, and a couple out the back. I wasn’t sure where to put the rest so it’s in a pot for the time being.

I’m looking forward to it growing and being put to use around the yard for both mulching and composting.

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