Worms, worms, worms

Part of my permaculture course was an excursion to Kimbriki for a tour of the Eco garden and listening to some teaching from Peter Rutherford. Peter was both engaging and passionate about ecology; and the work that has been done at the tip is remarkable.

We heard some theory about ecology, organics, soils, etc and saw some demonstrations about worm farming and composting.

We need to get a worm farm! They can be home made from plastic trays or broccoli boxes, etc, but I figure we’ll go for one of the pre-made ones. There are two primary ones available: the Can-O-Worms, and the Worm Factory. Both seem to work equally well. The Can-O-Worms is bigger and heavier than the Worm Factory and it has an extra tray. They are priced about the same so I figure we’ll go for the Can-O-Worms. Some worm farms are available through our local council (but I don’t know what types, prices or availability), and there is one place nearby that supplies the kit plus 2kg of worms for a reasonable price.

I’ll do a bit more research, try to locate a milk crate, and make more enquiries next week. I think we’d put our food scraps through it. They currently go through the compost, but it can manage admirably on lawn clippings, weeds and shrub prunings.

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