Our final holi-day was spent looking around the coast north of Christchurch then winging our way to Sydney. At Waikuku Beach. Bizarrely here, at the beach, you could see snow-capped mountains in the
Our last full day in New Zealand was spent in Christchurch. It was fascinating to walk around and see how the city was recovering and rebuilding some seven years after the earthquakes. We visited
For day 15 we were staying in Christchurch but went for a drive to Lyttelton - a port town about 10km south-east of Christchurch. Lyttelton is a busy, active port but also had a selection of boutique
We left a very grey and rainy Akaroa for the 100+km trip to what would work out as a very sunny but cool Christchurch. Sun making a valiant effort to shine through near Lake Ellesmere Part of the
Akaroa, with limited comment What town is complete without a slightly unkemp pétanque/bocce terrain? Cloud coming over the mountains Still coming French influence More French Looking back down the
Day 12 - the three quarter mark through our holiday was the longest drive of our trip - from Murchison to Akaroa. We started in the mountains, with deep gorges, plantation pine forests and snowy
Day 11 was a relaxing one - spent in the town of Murchison in the central north region of the South Island. These days Murchison is something of a hub for white-water enthusiasts - being at the
We awoke to a fairly grey and overcast day in Picton and headed south-east through Blenheim and St Arnaud to Murchison. A peaceful trip, not much traffic, and a great lunch at the Alpine Lodge in St
The ferry trip from Wellington to Picton was fantastic. The scenery leaving Wellington was equally matched by the scenery entering Picton. Now that's a ferry! Picton from the
Day 8 - the half way mark saw us spend much of the day wandering around Wellington. Here are some samples: Looking like something out of Star Wars Spiral Man (or is is a Woman?) Weird but cool art