At work we have a website that uses Joomla. The site administrator has left the organisation so the site’s administration is falling to me. I haven’t had much to do with Joomla (or the work
I really like the simplicity yet elegance of Anders Noren’s WordPress themes. Currently I’m using Hemingway. The only change I make is to show excerpts rather than full posts on the front and
When I first began this blog in May 2017 I wanted to avoid heavy CMS’ like WordPress, Joomla etc. I instead wanted a flat file system and chose Hugo. I still like the idea or the philosophy behind
I've been running this site for a couple of months now and wanted to implement some form of footnoting. When I write, I tend to include a lot of text in parentheses (just like this) as they indicate
After a bit of testing, fiddling and pondering I've decided to opt for Hugo as my CMS. It's flat file, a single executable, multi-platform (which only needs to cover GNU-Linux and Windows in my
Over the years I've created and maintained a number of websites and/or blogs. The first was created in the free space offered by my then dial-up ISP. It was called "The Lounge Room" and comprised of
Welcome to At the moment this is a greenfield website. The only real content exists in my head.