Rural Living Wishlist # 2

Not quite 12 months ago I started putting together a wishlist of rural living. On reviewing that list, there is nothing that I’d remove from it, but plenty I’d add – particularly in light of the introductory permaculture course I’ve just finished. So what would I add? ponds dams swales (water-collecting ditches on contour) a wider range of fruit trees a stack more nut trees heaps of leguminous trees, shrubs and groundcovers more herbs diversity strawbale housing would be great for its thermal properties comfrey, comfrey and then some comfrey fenugreek and more fenugreek On the animal front, we’d like alpacas.

Expo report

Well, last weekend’s Farming Small Areas expo was vaguely successful from my perspective. Unfortunately for all the weather was quite hot and somewhat unpleasant. There were less information booths than I would have thought, and a few more vendors (presumably selling what was produced in small farms) than I’d anticipated. A good assortment of tractors, mowers, water tanks and other equipment was on display. But, for us, the hit had to be the alpacas.