My search for productivity tools that suit my platforms (linux @ home, windows @ work) and work philosophy (KISS, plain text preferred for transportability, not being locked into a particular tool or suite) continues. I’m now using TiddlyWiki for general notes - one wiki file for home stuff and another wiki file for work stuff. I use minimal formatting in the tiddlers, but try to make good use of tags so I can track/trace ideas.

fenced kanban

A few months ago I read a brief article on a local news website about personal kanban and how it can help organise aspects of our lives. I’d only ever heard of kanban within the context of manufacturing environments so was intrigued enough to read the article, buy the book and eventually read the book. As a result I have recently begun to implement personal kanban without my work context. The book, Personal Kanban, is by Jim Benson and Tonianne deMaria Barry and was interesting, engaging and funny.

Working for ...

I did a rough calculation the other day. Out of my standard 40 hour/5 day working week and basing this on after-tax pay, I’m working: 9 hours a week for groceries 7 hours a week on the mortgage 5 hours a week for savings 8 hours a week for transport and utilities 4 hours a week to give away 7 hours a week for ‘stuff’ including clothing, leisure, books, etc.