Last year I posted some brief ponderings about a few different wikis. At the time I was intent on getting to grips with TiddlyWiki. I began doing that and used it within my employment for around 5 or 6 weeks. During that time I migrated my previous notes into TiddlyWiki and began using it to take notes during meetings and to record a range of tasks and activities. Shortly after that, however, I came across what was, for me, was a major hurdle. That hurdle was accessing and updated my wiki whilst I was travelling. Each time I edited and saved the wiki it was another 1+mb of usage on my mobile plan. Even a one-letter change and save would mean the wiki in toto was being resaved to my cloud storage. As a result TiddlyWiki got shelved.

In between I have been using plain text files saved in different folders. Each folder denotes a discrete location or project or activity. Each text file is saved with the date (in YYYYMMDD format) followed by a very brief description of the meeting or topic. Whilst this works, it isn’t very efficient for searching. As a result I have revisited the idea of a wiki and have installed DokuWiki. I have it both on a server as well as a standalone application featuring MicroApache for my Windows machine. One advantage of DokuWiki is that the data is stored in plain text files so they can simply be copied/pasted into the application and they are accessible with very little reformatting.

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