pages read

Pages read June 2024

Pages read in June totalled 829. It included the bulk of Howards End, all of Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon and a good chunk of The Heart of Healing by George Bennett.

Pages read May 2024

Total pages read in May were 540. This includes the two books I’d lined up to read on holidays: How to Think, and Breaking Bread with the Dead - both by Alan Jacobs. I also started E.M Forster’s Howards End. I got about a quarter of the way through it in May and (spoiler alert!) finished it in June.

Pages read April 2024

And how did April shape up? Poorly. The total was 393 comprising about a third from my daily Bible reading and devotionals with the other two thirds being a couple of short Christian books (Worthy by Sinclair Ferguson, and Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray). May is a holiday month and I have a couple of new books lined up: How to Think, and Breaking Bread with the Dead - both by Alan Jacobs.

Pages read March 2024

During the month of March I tracked the total number of pages I read. This was as a result of a video I saw by Parker Settecase on his youtube channel Park Notes. The specific video was this one where he advocates logging ones reading on a daily basis. I came across the video in February so decided to commence in March. So what was the answer? 512. Not much, but okay for someone who hasn’t felt like reading much since Christmas.