Around the Joint

My new Sigma 17-50mm zoom lens arrived earlier in the week. I was out of town travelling for a few days and today was my first opportunity to give it a whirl. First impressions? It’s fairly heavy (a little over 500 grams, from memory). It has a large hunk of glass at the front. It’s quite fast to focus. Images seem crisp and clear. The zoom is nice and precise, not sloppy.

Photo op

When I was a kid I was heavily involved in and interested in photography. It was the type of interest that would get me out of bed early whilst on holidays to be in place before the morning sun would rise. Often our holidays were taken in late autumn or very spring and there would be a fog around our holiday haunts. My father was the lead - having been involved in black and white photography for decades.

Buying into a (camera) System

When you buy a camera that can accept interchangeable lenses, you’re not so much just buying a camera as buying a system. Why? With little exception a Nikon body will only accept lenses made for it, and the same for Canon, for Pentax, for Sony, for Olympus and so on. Some lens manufacturers such as Tamron and Sigma make lenses to suit a range of bodies, but those still have different mounts to the others.