Wikis revisited

Last year I posted some brief ponderings about a few different wikis. At the time I was intent on getting to grips with TiddlyWiki. I began doing that and used it within my employment for around 5 or 6 weeks. During that time I migrated my previous notes into TiddlyWiki and began using it to take notes during meetings and to record a range of tasks and activities. Shortly after that, however, I came across what was, for me, was a major hurdle.


Over the years I’ve searched for, tried, stopped using, used again, reconsidered, stopped using, considered some more on note-taking/recording/filing systems. Generally I’ve opted for computer-based systems but have also tried paper-based methods. The list is probably not complete, and in no particular order: Treepad Zim GTD Bullet Journalling CherryTree DIY Planner Written to do lists Online to do lists Spreadsheets with to do lists Pocket notebooks - cheap ones from the supermarket that only collect info, not retain it.