A History of Websites

Over the years I’ve created and maintained a number of websites and/or blogs. The first was created in the free space offered by my then dial-up ISP. It was called “The Lounge Room” and comprised of a collection of anecdotes and stories I’d read. It was all hand-coded html.

My second site was another hand-coded html site called “Sandprints in my Mind”. It was my first attempt at what some might call a blog. It comprised some photographs and the odd book review. Because of the effort in maintaining it, it only lasted a few posts.

The third site was devoted to coffee and was called GroundLevelCoffee (groundlevelcoffee.net). It had its own domain and ran on WordPress. It ran for 27 posts between November 2005 and October 2006. The wayback machine has it all in its resplendent glory (minus the groovy theme - whatever it was).

The fourth incarnation was a blogger site on our travels into sustainability and greener living. After running the blogger site for a couple of years from 2006 to 2008 I migrated it to a wordpress site with a new name that reflected our move from the suburbs to rural Australia. This wordpress site was my fifth.

This current site (egeiro.net) is the sixth site. It will be something of a blog/commonplace book and website. No doubt it will change over time.

I don’t think any remains of my first two sites exist (though they may be backed up on a drive somewhere). I intend to migrate the posts from my coffee and sustainable living sites to this one over time. I think the comments may be casualties of that process, but we’ll see.