I undertook a Bible ‘stocktake’ the other day to ascertain just how many paper Bibles I have. The predominant purpose was to see if I could donate some to a local op-shop.

The Bibles in my collection include:

  1. Revised Standard Version pew edition
  2. New Living Translation Bible Study for Men hardback
  3. English Standard Version 2001 centre column reference hardback
  4. English Standard Version 2011 Single column legacy trutone
  5. New Revised Standard Version pew edition
  6. New King James Version Thompson Chain Reference leather
  7. New King James Version pew edition
  8. New King James Version Spirit-filled Life Bible hardback
  9. Christian Standard Bible pew edition
  10. English Standard Version Study Bible trutone

Of these I have decided to donate the ESV centre column reference Bible and the NKJV pew edition to the op shop. My wife has contributed another ESV centre column reference Bible to donate as well.

At the moment my translation of choice is the ESV. The ESV single column legacy Bible is my ‘daily driver’ and the ESV Study Bible is a reference Bible. The CSB and NLT and NKJV Thompson chain reference are very close if I want to refer to alternate translations. The RSV and NRSV are in the study and rarely used. The RSV is signed by my paternal grandfather and step grandmother and was a gift for my confirmation in 1980. I used the NKJV Spirit filled Life Bible for a while in 2020/2021 but switched back to the ESV mid last year.

In addition to these ten/eight Bibles I have a couple of others. One is the KJV owned by my paternal grandmother who predeceased me by some 17 years. The other is a Revised Version Bible I bought at a fete around 40 years ago. I got it half price. It was priced at 2 cents but I was sold it for 1 cent! It has all sorts of markings and underlinings in it. I would hope it would have been a family heirloom, but alas it was given away and eventually sold for the lowest value possible.

I’ve owned a few other Bibles in my years. By my recollection my first Bible was a Gideon’s New Testament and Psalms (which I still have but didn’t include in my stocktake). I’ve also had and passed on four other Bibles–a Good News New Testament that was given to me by my year 8 (?) Scripture Teacher for being the prayer or Bible monitor for the year1. The first Bible I bought was a Good News Bible replete with the weird stick drawings. I also owned one of the original NIV Bibles with the blue softcover, and an NIV Study Bible. I think I gave these away to be used for overseas ministry probably around 15 years ago.

  1. I can’t exactly recall, but I think I was prayer monitor. ↩︎