Plain text apps

I’ve been gradually reviewing and revising the packages I use to complete particular tasks and the way the underlying data (my data) is being stored.

Where possible I prefer to have my data stored on systems I own in something like plain text format, and retrievable or at least accessible through a number of means.

The types of tasks I have in mind, the primary package I use to access this data and some backup packages are listed below:

Data type Primary Package Alternative Packages
todo lists (task lists) todo.txt jdotxt or any text editor
web pages (markdown files) hugo grav or any flat file CMS
finances (financial journal entries) hledger ledger-cli or beancount
pkm (markdown files) Logseq Obsidian
birthdays and anniversaries remind ? Thunderbird
journal entries (thoughts or Bible studies) jrnl Any plain text editor or perhaps Logseq

The common denominator in the above is that the data is stored in plain text files (or markdown) but the tools to access/manipulate/retrieve the data may be complex. My data can be read and/or processed through alternative apps so the format is secure and allows for redundancies.

Data types I haven’t given much thought to to date are my emails and web browsing. There are a few plain text/command line email apps available, and similar for web browsing.