Questions Without Answers

After nearly two years of governments changing narratives, being asked to trust ’the science’ and called a ‘wacko’ by the NSW Health Minister, I thought it time to post a series of questions concerning the state of the world today.

There are few answers in the following, but there are some assumptions, suppositions and a few conclusions.

Firstly, some questions:

  1. I thought ‘science’ was a process of questioning, creating hypotheses, testing, evaluating, peer review. Why then have many scientists who don’t agree with the narrative been silenced by their peers and funding providers?
  2. Why are doctors in Australia being threatened with sanction and/or deregistration if they even discuss the possibility of adverse reactions to vaccines and alternative treatments with their patients?
  3. Why did the TGA approve the use of the mRNA ‘vaccines’ when other therapeutic treatments were available? The TGA had to effectively ban alternative therapies because mRNA vaccines could only be approved for emergency use if no alternative, effective treatments were available!
  4. Why has Australia resisted undergoing trials of alternative treatments (Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine amongst others) when reports from overseas were indicating dramatic improvements in patient outcomes?
  5. Why has the mainstream media (MSM) been strangely silent when it comes to questioning the narrative? Have they been threatened with reduced advertising revenue from big pharma and their associates?
  6. Why was there almost nothing in the MSM about truck blockades on our borders in September/October? Why was there no coverage of the assault of a third year nursing student in western Sydney by police when searching for exemption papers? Why was there no coverage of the attempted self-immolation of a woman in Melbourne who felt overwhelmed by the vaccine mandates?
  7. Why does the NSW state government continually change the metrics that are reported about cases, hospitalisations, vaccination rates, etc. Why has vaccination status all but disappeared from hospitalisation reporting?
  8. Why does our Prime Minister say he is against mandates yet has done everything possible to support the coercion and disenfranchisement of people who don’t wish to be vaccinated? Federal laws always take precedence over state laws so the federal government could easily seek to uphold laws and agreements (vaccination handbook, Nuremberg declaration) that speak against mandated or coerced vaccination.
  9. Why have so many Australians accepted vaccinations with no knowledge of the long-term effects of these vaccines? How can they be giving informed consent with unknowns such as the exact makeup of the vaccines? Why were the pharma companies indemnified from all adverse effects?
  10. Why was Pfizer granted 75 years to release their vaccine test data results? Surely the FDA should seek to have this information released ASAP?
  11. Why has twitter, facebook, youtube, google, instagram and linked in banned people and/or articles that seek to raise issues of concern about mandates, masks, lockdowns, vaccine safety, etc.
  12. Why does ’the science’ vacillate between the efficacy of masks, social distancing, PCR testing, lockdowns, various treatments? And if the science is so settled (and it isn’t), why are there such divergent approaches between countries, states, council areas based on the same science advice?
  13. Why have many churches been so quick (and indeed eager) to embrace segregation and closures? A close reading of the early verses in Romans 13 would suggest governments should only be followed when they are governing for good, not for a contrived and beat-up medical emergency.
  14. Why lock down the healthy and strong? Why not seek to care for the elderly and vulnerable and let the rest of us get on with our lives?
  15. Why impose vaccine mandates (essentially coerced) on certain industries or classes of workers when the vaccines are not particularly effective, diminish with effectiveness over time and don’t stop people catching or transmitting the virus?
  16. Why would we continue to inject people with a ‘vaccine’ with significant adverse events and without an open discussion of the risks of the disease versus adverse reaction in each age group?
  17. Why did the WHO and Merriam-Webster dictionary change the definition of ‘vaccination’ and ‘vaccine’ in the past twelve months?

Now for some comments:

  1. I understand the federal government has spent something like $300 billion on job-keeper and job-saver. A hospital costs something like $1B to build, and I would think another $1B would keep it fully staffed and functioning for 10 years. Why not spend a fraction of the money spent on job-keeper/saver on hospitals to care for the elderly and vulnerable instead? You could spend $50B versus $300B and have a rock solid health system for the next decade.
  2. The church has been largely silent during much of the past two years. One group of Australian pastors developed the Ezekiel Declaration which sought for the government to wind back restrictions. Interestingly a number of Christian groups opposed the declaration. Churches have too readily embraced the government narrative and diminished the power and effectiveness of the gospel.
  3. One thing (amongst many) that has annoyed and distressed me is the separation and division that has been created between families either by government policy or the choices people have made regarding vaccination and the apartheid they intentionally introduce.
  4. Another thing has been just how all-encompassing Covid-19 has been on news coverage, family discussions and my thoughts over the past 2 years.

And one final comment: Despite the bizarre behaviour of our federal and state governments and the changing narrative over these past two years, I believe God is in control and is using/allowing these evils to bring about His kingdom and His purposes.