Time for a change …

… of Linux distro.

I wrote about my history of Linux Distros here. At the time I indicated I was using Ubuntu 16.04 with the Gnome 3 desktop. That was true (and technically is at the moment), but it won’t be for long.

I find frequent issues with my current setup. Nautilus (the file manager) simply refuses to start when I first fire up the machine three times out of four. It will eventually start – perhaps one or two minutes after I need it. I receive regular crash report notifications telling me something hasn’t worked and inviting me to send some information to someone so they can think about fixing it never. I receive crash reports for programs I’m not even running, or need to run. And sometimes (once every five or six boots) my wifi network isn’t found. It hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just that Mr (or Mrs) Ubuntu can’t find it.

So it’s time to flick Ubuntu 16.04 and go for something else. I considered giving Arch another go, but I’m busy at the moment and can’t really afford to spend nights fixing something that I didn’t break. But Manjaro has caught my attention. It’s based on Arch, but has its own repositories (program storage locations).

I’m currently backing up my user files, have downloaded a Manjaro iso running the Xfce desktop and will install (hopefully) that within the next couple of days.