Web hosting

This website is coming up to its sixth anniversary. Until how I have used the same company for both domain registration and web hosting. For the first five years the domain registration was around $23/year and the hosting was $36/year.

The company took the decision last year to remove this low-cost hosting and the price jumped to $108 for 2022/2023. I let it slide for one year to see how things would pan out for 2023/2024. My hosting was to increase to something in the order of $140. That’s simply too much for a simple site with very limited traffic.

I had a look at some alternatives and have now switched both the domain registration and hosting. The domain fees are fractionally cheaper, but my new hosting deal is around $60 for two years. So under my old arrangement the cost would have been around $326 for two years (say $140 + $23 times two) whereas my new deal will be around $100 (say $30 + $20 times two).

My new provider is namecheap. An alternative to namecheap is namesilo who seem to have comparable pricing to namecheap.