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Fountain Pen +/-

As I wrote the other day, each fountain pen I have was bought for different reasons or for different attributes (beginner, demonstrator, flex nib, long cartridge etc). On top of that, each pen performs differently. What follows are my observations and comments on some of these attributes and performance. Some of these thoughts are personal and subjective whereas others are statements of fact about each pen. 1. Lamy Safari + Relatively cheap + Beginner indentations to assist pen holding + Replacement nibs easy to install, and relatively easy to buy + Smooth and comfortable to use - Somewhat cheap feeling/looking - Proprietary cartridges ^ 2.

Fountain Pens

My first use of a fountain pen (aside from the obligatory use of ‘cartridge pens’ back in primary school in the mid-70s) was around October 2015. At the time I was doing some journaling along with my Bible reading and recognised that my handwriting was pretty ordinary. I did some research1 and came across the idea that writing with a fountain pen can improve one’s handwriting because you generally slow down a little and take more care with the letters being formed.

Christmas presents

Here are a stack of videos and websites that (hopefully) make your Christmas presents easier to use and enjoy: A few links for Jez! Draw Happy for Jez Types of art journals Turning books into art journals A little spooky, but kinda cool, too And info for the rest of the fam: Ink - Written by Hand Ahab colour range Noodler’s Ahab setup for beginners The Disassembly Line - Noodler’s Ahab Noodler’s Ahab review Another review Filling a Noodler’s pen How to adjust a Noodler’s Ahab Flex Pen Adjusting a Noodler’s flex nib Heat setting an ebonite feed How do you like me now?