Road of Slightly Dented Ideas and Ideals^

^Well, it’s significantly less dramatic than ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. As we prepare to relocate from a small rural property that has been home for the past 11 years to a much smaller, domestic house and block closer to children we’ve begun clearing out/throwing away/tidying up what we brought with us 11 years ago and the extra that has accumulated in those same years. As I’ve been clearing up the shed and carpeted man cave I’ve paused to reflect briefly on some of the items being thrown away or otherwise disposed of.

Bromeliad ex-collection

In my last post I spoke about some hobbies (ie. interests) I have had over the decades. One such interest was bromeliads. I had a collection of around 30 different species of broms from around 6 to 8 different genera. The genera included Aechmea, Vriesia, Tillandsia, Billbergia, Cryptanthus, Neoregelia and Nidularium. Many of my broms were identified species, but some were mongrels or unidentified. Here’s a selection of the now ex-collection1:

Hobby Collection

In my 50+ years I’ve had a range of interests. Some fleeting, some have remained for years, some have come and gone. It used to disturb me a little - why couldn’t I be interested in something and stick with it? Why would my interest wax and wane? These days I don’t worry about it - I just go with the flow and follow what interests me. A number of years ago I came across two descriptions for people like me: “power hobbyist”, and “a collector of hobbies”.