There and back again, again

Around twelve months ago I posted about how I was migrating this blog back to Hugo. That migration lasted around 6 months at which time I switched to Grav. I had fiddled around with Grav in the very early says of this blog but had commenced with Hugo. Just before Christmas 2019 there were some changes made to Hugo which meant the theme I was using1 broke and my site wouldn’t render properly.

There and back again

This blog began a little over two years ago. In that time it has been created/managed/manifested firstly by Hugo, then by Wordpress, then by HTMLy, and now back to Hugo. I worked out that my first round with Hugo was 9 months (May 2017 to Feb 2018), then 7 months on Wordpress (Mar to Sep 2018) and 8 months in HTMLy (Oct 2018 to May 2019). Why change? I have different thoughts about ease of use, aesthetics, flat file vs database and ease of access/update.

From Hugo to WordPress

When I first began this blog in May 2017 I wanted to avoid heavy CMS’ like WordPress, Joomla etc. I instead wanted a flat file system and chose Hugo. I still like the idea or the philosophy behind a flat file approach, but my setup meant I could only update posts from one machine. I think this was somewhat limiting so I reconsidered my platform. After fiddling with Joomla, I have instead gone for WordPress.


After a bit of testing, fiddling and pondering I’ve decided to opt for Hugo as my CMS. It’s flat file, a single executable, multi-platform (which only needs to cover GNU-Linux and Windows in my stable), lightweight, well documented and has a swag of themes. We’re ready to roll…