In my continuing albeit sporadic pursuit of plain-text tools for completing tasks, I came across a tool called jrnl which is a command-line journaling program. It is written in Python and is cross platform. I have installed it on both my home linux machine and work win 7 machine. It’s pretty minimalist but allows one line journals to be entered from a command line, or they can be edited in a standard text editor.

Another legacy

Around 17 years ago I kept a daily journal. My memory told me I kept it for over twelve months writing every day and then let it diminish to zero. Reality tells me that I kept for around 8 months on a daily basis, but that there are over 350 entries including a false start in 1999, another false start in 2000 but some consistency from late 2001 to near the end of 2002 and then sporadic entries for the next couple of years.