goodbye goodreads

After 11 years, 435 books read and 418 reviews I have deleted my goodreads account. I loved it when I first began using it (before Amazon owned it), and it is still useful to obtain some information about a book or author; but my screen seems to be increasingly consumed by advertisements and banners; and I seem to get logged out about once a week for no apparent reason. I wanted to keep a record of what I have read, what I thought about it at the time, and what I may want to read in future.

Read much not many

Something Bill Muehlenberg quoted on his site yesterday from CH Spurgeon has got me thinking. Bill quotes Spurgeon as follows: Master those books you have. Read them thoroughly. Bathe in them until they saturate you. Read and reread them, masticate and digest them. Let them go into your very self. Peruse a good book several times and make notes and analysis of it. A student will find that his mental constitution is more affected by one book thoroughly mastered than by twenty books he has merely skimmed.