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12 January 2013 Sydney Embarkation

Ten years ago my mother-in-law generously paid for our family (and her and her sister) to take a cruise to/around New Zealand. Given that this is the tenth anniversary of that trip, for the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting some photos on the anniversary of their occurrence. There will be little to no commentary, and no family photos will be shown.

Take Note!

Five months ago I wrote something on reading and note-taking and made mention of the Zettelkasten Method, Evergreen Notes, Digital Gardens, Smart Notes and Second Brains. Let me try to provide some context and background to that: The Zettelkasten Method is a method of making notes and thinking about things and committing these thoughts to writing using slips of paper or index cards (zettels) that are stored in boxes or cases (kastens).

Another Three Years

It’s been three years since Mum died. I received a phone call from the hospital at around 1:15pm during our office Christmas lunch. I stepped outside to take the call and was told by the attending Doctor that Mum had died of a cardiac arrest and that the hospital staff had honoured her request of not attempting resuscitation. She had been hospitalised leading up to a medical procedure but her slight frame was not up for it.

Barbeque Rub

We bought a new barbeque a couple of months ago and I spent a little time looking online for barbeque rub ‘recipes’. Most (all?) recipes have added sugar, but we wanted to avoid that so we just leave the sugar out. That may affect the flavour and caramelisation a little, but it doesn’t bother us. I narrowed down the choices to a couple of recipes and merged/deleted items to arrive at the following:

Five Years On

It’s five years today since my Dad died. Sometimes it seems like only a couple of years. On other occasions it feels like ten or more years. We’re living in the house that he and Mum lived in for close-on thirty years at the end of their lives. There are a few remnants around the house–the odd bit of furniture, some cutlery, a stack of slides and photos to continue to cull and distribute.

Installing Debian with Openbox II

Three years ago I posted about installing Debian and Openbox. Well. I’ve done it again. Only a month ago I had declared I was fully slack but here I am writing on a machine running Fedora 36 writing about my Debian 11 installation. I ran into a couple of issues with Slackware. Some apps were very slow to open. I thought I had it figured out, but apparently not. I also couldn’t get Wine to run correctly so opted for a couple of other tried-and-true distros.