Diary of Kenneth MacRae

I picked up a book at an Op Shop this morning called Diary of Kenneth MacRae (no point wasting all that printing on a leading “The”). As far as I’m aware I’d never previously heard of Kenneth MacRae. The thing that attracted me to the book in the first instance was that it was published by Banner of Truth. Banner of Truth is a publishing house based in England whose aim is to make available quality Christian books. They have, for instance, sought out and republished a number of books by puritan authors. The founder of Banner of Truth is Iain Murray – long term associate of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and also MLJs primary biographer.

Anyway, I picked the book up, had a quick flick through and read inside the dust jacket. Kenneth MacRae was a Scottish Presbyterian preacher and pastor from around 1913 to 1963. In that time he pastored three churches in the Scottish highlands. What appealed most was that he kept and wrote his diary entries without any thought that they may one day be collected, edited and published. Accordingly, they will, hopefully, be more transparent and reflective (and less dramatic and/or sensational) than may otherwise be the case.

I think I’ll treat it as a bedtime reading book, and might just start now.