of God and petrol stations

I had something of a revelation this morning about how I view God.

I tend to see or treat God like a petrol station. You pull up, fill up and then drive away to get on with life.

But the idea came to me that a more complete or holistic view would see God the Father as the petrol station; Jesus as the fuel tank in my vehicle; and Holy Spirit is the fuel.

I don’t see or mean this in any sort of negative way, but as a way of me better understanding my relationship with God.

God the Father as the source of all is seen in the petrol station. Jesus as the fuel tank is not inconsistent with Paul’s phrase in Colossians 1:27 “Christ in you, the hope of Glory”. And the Holy Spirit as fuel is what powers me.

I see this God-given imagery as a better and helpful way to see how I am to draw everything I need from god. But it is not for a daily or weekly fill up; but every step, every moment is to be fuelled and powered by Holy Spirit through the work of Jesus as a result of the love and plans of the Father.