Warrumbungles Walk

In this last batch of holiday photographs we undertook the “Gould’s Circuit” walk in the Warrumbungle National Park. The walk is a 7 km circuit from Pincham carpark heading south to Febar Tor and Macha Tor. Both tors offer magnificent views into and across the valley containing the Breadknife, Belougery Spire and several other bluffs.

The views are fine from Febar Tor, but even better a bit further south from Macha Tor. You could just visit Macha Tor. Be prepared for a reasonable workout to ascend (and descend) both Tors!

The circuit took us a little over three hours to complete–including plenty of photo/rest/drink breaks. Most of our walking was when it was coolish and overcast, but we had sun for some of our photos.

The way in.

Across the valley from Febar Tor. Belougery Spire (mid left), Crater Bluff (back middle) and The Breadknife looking like a stiletto (mid right). The Breadknife is almost edge-on. The Breadknife is apparently 6 metres wide and 90 metres high!

The Breadknife from Macha Tor. More to see from a slight angle.

B&W close-up of The Breadknife.

Belougery Spire, Crater Bluff and The Breadknife.

Almost phosphorescent.

The way out.